Loss of Jennersville, Brandywine Hospitals Boils Down to a ‘Life-or-Death Situation’


Community leaders are voicing concern over the impending closure of Brandywine and Jennersville hospitals. A 6ABC report chronicles their worry about the access of healthcare for residents.

Stephen Black, mayor of West Grove, called the closing of Jennersville Hospital tragic.

“They have about 15,000 people that go to the ER over there,” he said. “Where are they going to go?”

He said that losing the hospital would be a terrible blow to the community.

“It is a staple in the community,” he said. “It has been here forever. It is the only one down in southern Chester County.”

For paramedics, the loss of these two community hospitals boils down to a life-or-death situation.

“In many cases, seconds and minutes matter, and our paramedic services and the local basic life support ambulances services here, we are going through all kinds of adjustments,” said Bob Hotchkiss, EMS Chief for southern Chester County. “We want to maintain that level of service here.”

After the closures take effect, residents who rely on the hospitals will be forced to drive dozens of miles for healthcare.

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