Career Corner: From CEOWorld Magazine, 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Career in 2022

2022 Starting Line

Many people look at the start of the new year as a fresh chapter in life. While a new start can happen any time, this time of year inspires people to be introspective. And what better time to evaluate how to set yourself up for your career goals than a fresh calendar year?

Regardless of what happened with your job in 2021, that does not have to define your future. Courtesy of CEOWorld Magazine, here are some of the best ways to revitalize your career for 2022.

Build Your Connections

It might be a new year, but some of the same rules still apply. But if the connections you have focused on in the past have not been beneficial, maybe take that as an indication to network in a new focus area.

Reassess Your Priorities

The new year is a great time to take stock of what is working and what needs to change. Take a step back and honestly assess how your habits are moving you forward. Is it time to make some important changes?

Plan for the Future

It can be easy to get bogged down in your day-to-day responsibilities and stop looking at the big picture. But you are not striving for just one more good day or week. Make long-term plans or you will find yourself stuck in the same routine a year from now.

Continue to Build

Hopefully, 2021 saw you meet some big goals. But your work is never done. Expand on that goal and set up plans for how to reach new heights in that position.

Don’t Cling to Your Past Success

Maybe 2021 was not bad for you at all and you are proud of that. That does not mean your hard work is done and it is time to bask in your accomplishments, though. Be proud of what you have achieved, but never stop setting new goals or your triumphs will become past tense.

Define Your Value

This refers to your financial value rather than self-worth. Put simply, does your specialization bring in the money you want? If not, how can you pivot your career to remain valuable in the eyes of employers?

Let Go of 2021

Ruminating on the past will not bring you closer to where you want to be. Regardless of what obstacles or failures you met in 2021, move on from them. Direct your efforts to what you can change rather than what you wish had been different.

You can’t predict what a new year will bring, but taking these steps can set you up to be prepared for the challenges that will come.

For greater detail on how to apply these methods, be sure to read CEOWorld’s post on the subject here.


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