No Brainer: When It’s Philly Military Guy vs. Florida Alligator, Who Do You Think Comes Out on Top?


As if a Florida alligator is any match for an Army-trained Philadelphian.

As. If.

Eugene Bozzi, an Orlando-area transplant from our area, is now in the national spotlight for his casual eviction of a huge reptile in an everyday trashcan. CBS Philly covered the serviceman’s above-and-beyond service.

The Instagram video — which has since gone viral — shows the encounter, which occurred right outside his neighbor’s front door.

“Somebody got to step up and do something; we all got to look out for each other, right?” said Bozzi.

After he had the animal trapped, Bozzi wheeled the trashcan toward a retention pond, where he pushed it over and trotted to safety.

“Army training kicked in,” he said. “Just get it done, drop him there, and keep it moving.”

The viral video even got some love from James Corden, the host of CBS’s The Late Late Show.

“Absolutely incredible! Very responsible, as well. Remember, always recycle your alligators,” joked Corden. “There’s a point where the alligator was right in there and struggling to get out. Felt like 25 people filming that and not one of them, like, ‘Should we help him?’”

More about Eugene Bozzi, volunteer alligator wrangler, is at CBS Philly.

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