Open Space Advocates Take ‘Delicious Joy’ in Westtown’s Vote to Officially Nix Development of Crebilly Farm

open space advocates township meeting
Image via Vince Moro.
The audience applauds Westtown Township's decision to deny an application to develop Crebilly Farm.

Although the matter was moot since Toll Brothers no longer has a sale agreement with the Robinson family, owner of the 322-acre Crebilly Farm, the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors recently voted unanimously to deny the homebuilder’s conditional use application to develop the property, writes Bill Rettew for the Daily Local News.

The audience applauded the ruling, which served as the culmination of dozens of hearings over the past five years.

Mindy Rhodes, of Friends of Crebilly Farms, fought hard to prevent Toll’s attempt to build 319 homes on the only remaining large tract of open space located between King of Prussia and Wilmington on the Route 202 Corridor.

“I take delicious joy in knowing the many naysayers over the years — who told me Toll Brothers always wins and I am wasting my time — were wrong,” she said. “Good thing I didn’t listen to them.”

Toll originally controlled the right to purchase the property, but in late August, the township was notified that Toll no longer had a claim on the property.

“Who knows why the contract wasn’t renewed between Toll Brothers and the Robinsons, but what is clear now more than ever before is that Chester County’s commissioners can follow Delaware County Council’s lead and use eminent domain to save Crebilly Farm for all future generations,” said Ken Hemphill, an open space advocate.

State Rep. Dianne Herrin said she is “hopeful the township will now seriously consider an open-space referendum as soon as possible, so we may work collectively to preserve the land in perpetuity in a way that also satisfies the property owner.”

Read more about Crebilly Farm in the Daily Local News.

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