Career Corner: Preparing Your Career to Stand the Test of Time

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The pandemic caused a radical shift in work-life and now employees are stopping to think about what their priorities are. If you were part of a field that laid you off then you likely questioned whether remaining in that type of work is viable. It has caused such a shift that many people are voluntarily quitting their jobs to pursue new work.

Anne Gemmell of the Philadelphia Citizen shares some advice for people reexamining their job. The big takeaway for those who want job security is to seek out companies that are leading in innovation. If you are only looking at what fields are booming currently, you risk entering an oversaturated area rather than getting in where people will be needed for years to come.

As is often emphasized in education, STEAM careers are highly valuable. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics are always advancing, meaning good prospects for long-term employment in quality positions. Advancements in areas like artificial intelligence and automation are always pushing the boundaries, requiring new workers to help achieve those new heights.

One obstacle Gemmell mentions for smaller companies is their potential to be bought up by much larger rivals who have a near-monopoly on certain focus areas. Places like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are poised to remain at the top despite any challenges.

However, not everyone wants to be part of a corporate giant. One reason many people are quitting now is to pursue positions that satisfy their desire for personal accomplishment and fulfillment. Companies that are receptive to employee contributions will likely see a lot of interest from young workers.

A final key point mentioned is to not consider your career path a locked-in decision for the remainder of your life. It is okay to realize the job you thought was good for a while is no longer meeting your needs and that you now want to go a different route. Being ready for the future means being able to adapt.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare your career for what’s to come, read the Philadelphia Citizen’s piece about it here.


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