Jones Log Barn to Become Museum at Its New Location in Chesterbrook

jones log barn living history center
Image via the Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust.

The Jones Log Barn was painstakingly dismantled, relocated, and reassembled by preservationists. The structure, one of the oldest barns in the region, is now in Chesterbrook.

Now in its new neighborhood, it also sports a new name, indicative of the expanded role its champions hope it fills: The Jones Log Barn Living History Center. Paul Jablow covered the story for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

This new living history site will chronicle local 18th-century farm life, Tredyffrin’s role in the Revolutionary War, and the construction of barns of this type.

The Jones Log Barn was built in the early 1700s. It was part of British Gen. William Howe’s headquarters during his 1777 offensive that led to the British victory at the Battle of Brandywine. It is one of the few surviving barns from that period in eastern Pennsylvania.

It was originally slated for demolition, but thanks to monetary and material donations — augmented by the watchful eye of Pattye Benson, head of the Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust — it was saved. The structure was then gently eased into Chesterbrook.

The farm now stands as “a tangible reminder of Tredyffrin Township’s rural heritage, a glimpse into 18th-century farm life,” said Benson.

Read more about this historically significant structure in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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