An Investment in Its Employees Forms the Foundation of BVHVAC’s Success in a Competitive Industry

Brandywine Valley HVAC
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In a rapidly changing, highly competitive industry like heating, ventilating, and cooling, Bill Ronayne can’t stress enough the importance of professional development.

Ronayne’s West Chester-based company, Brandywine Valley HVAC, is nearing its 30th anniversary by not just keeping pace but always staying ahead of the curve.

Indeed, there are legions of satisfied BVHVAC customers in the area, a fact that can be attributed to Ronayne’s commitment to developing his staff, which he believes is equally as important as keeping abreast of the industry’s technology and trends.

“As business owners, we often overlook the fact that our people are, by far, our greatest asset,” said Ronayne. “When your team is well cared for, that culture will extend to your customers. All oars will pull in the direction you want.”

Michael Gidlewski.

Ronayne recently enlisted the services of Michael Gidlewski, the founder of Achievement Unlimited and a veritable growth catalyst who has developed and presented hundreds of leadership development and management programs to businesses across the country. Gidlewski recently trained Ronayne’s 12 managers in a program called “Getting Results Through Others.” Each of the program’s 10 lessons were delivered virtually via Zoom.

“Anyone who manages or supervises others will benefit from the program,” said Gidlewski. “The participants learn how to communicate better, how to delegate, how to be more productive, how to build developmental plans for employees, etc.”

Ronayne, who founded BVHVAC in 1993, participated in the training as well.

“Bill went through it as the leader of his organization, because he knows how critical it is to walk the behavior,” said Gidlewski. “He’s a great leader because he gives his people the tools to tap into their potential. This world is evolving so quickly that if you’re not developing your people, you’re going to be behind the eight ball.”

Gidlewski noted that nine out of 10 people leave their jobs not because of the company, but because of the person they’re working for.

“Most business goals are driven by workers achieving their personal goals,” said Gidlewski. “So, it’s wise to invest in the growth of your employees, especially the ones who are on the frontlines dealing with customers.”

“A powerful effect of the goal-setting training is the clarity it brings to each person regarding roles, responsibilities, and contribution to the team,” said Ronayne.

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