Philly Tech Tips: How Zoom Has Prepared the Corporate World for Hybrid Work

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Health restrictions are continuing to change on a near weekly basis, but for many the option to rejoin the office has returned. Obviously, many are still concerned about that prospect, or have even grown to prefer remote work.

This means many offices are going to be a hybrid of on-site employees and virtual employees for the foreseeable future.

It’s a tough task to make sure both of those sets of employees are having their needs met, but Zoom isn’t shying away from the task. This is discussed in depth by Susan Caminiti of CNBC, with the service that has become synonymous with video conferences explaining the challenges from Zoom’s perspective.

As the pandemic began, Zoom saw its daily users jump from around 10 million to over 300 million. With Zoom now the main means of communication for many workers, the company had to quickly adapt and live up to their goal of making “the virtual experience as good, if not better, as in person,” as Zoom chief information officer Harry Moseley put it.

This has manifested in many more recent additions to the service, such as virtual receptionists, the ability to integrate Zoom into your calls with Zoom Phone, and protecting user reliability by backing up free services on their cloud rather than in data centers.

Whereas previously Zoom was an option for companies, now it has become an essential. Leaders at Zoom have said they want companies to have all the tools they need regardless of the space, so that businesses can separate productivity from any specific venue. The question Zoom wants businesses to ask is “What is the purpose of having people in the office?”

If you would like to learn more about the difference Zoom is making in the hybrid office, read the article from CNBC here.


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