Tech Tips With Margaret: Thanks to Zoom, Business Travelers are Working From Home

Business Travelers sitting in an airplane

The forced safety precautions imposed due to the pandemic have made many realize they can accomplish a lot more remotely than they may have thought. And now traveling for work is being reexamined as well. Will we all just resume flying out for meetings again once health restrictions are fully lifted?

A recent article for the New York Times speculates that this might not be the case. Author Kevin J. Delaney feels that now that companies have gotten a taste of how much can be done through Zoom, it will be harder for them to justify sending people on plane trips. In fact, it’s being thought business travel could shrink by between 19% and 36%.

One obvious reason is that travel is expensive, so if companies have spent since 2020 primarily doing without it and still yielding positive results, why put out the cost again now?

But another reason is the environmental concern. Some companies are truly committed to cutting back on their emissions, and commercial flights account for as much as 4% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Sticking with reduced travel is an easy way to live up to that goal of being a cleaner company.

Still, business travel absolutely is not disappearing. Leaders agree that while many meetings between employees might be fine to continue virtually, it is imperative to meet with clients in person. It is easier to build trust and a bond face to face, so for those interactions companies are eager to get back to normal.

And while it’s certainly not an impossibility that some companies might fall back into their old routine for travel as health restrictions ease, the belief is that most have learned valuable lessons from working remotely that will endure.

For further insight on how Zoom may reshape how often we travel for work, read the article from the New York Times by clicking here.


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