Tech Tips With Margaret: How Each Employee’s Own Digital Devices Can Help with Social Distancing

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As restrictions continue to remain in flux for many people, workers are prepared to continue making use of much of what they learned in working from home. Part of that may very well be continuing to rely significantly on personal devices rather than company equipment.

Jon Arnold elaborates for TechTarget, discussing how you may now be expected to bring your own device (or BYOD) for a multitude of safety functions. Your personal smartphone could be as essential in the office going forward as you have found it at home.

If it winds up being the case that your workplace wants workers back in person but COVID precautions are still a concern, they may enable you to use your smartphone for a touchless experience. For example, if a meeting room requires an ID badge to enter, that authentication may now implement your phone instead so you don’t have to come into contact with a common touchpoint for other workers.

Similarly, your workplace might want you to install apps that will actually notify you if you come too close into contact with another person during social distancing requirements.

Meanwhile, the meeting room itself could be operated by voice commands rather than sharing a computer console. The idea with all of these steps is to keep everyone as safe as possible during periods where it’s unclear how safe fraternizing actually is.

There are going to continue to be a lot of question marks about how safe normal activities are as the pandemic drags on, but the technology we all keep in our pockets could start playing a bigger role in protecting us.

To learn more about how your device can be used in support of your meetings, read the article from TechTarget here.


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