Tech Tips With Margaret: How a Shoe Distribution Center Used a Messaging System to Increase Safety During Covid


Everyone is familiar with Crocs shoes, but what you might not realize is that the already popular footwear brand became even higher in demand after COVID started.

A major contributor to that is because with healthcare workers now needed to work even more rigorous schedules than ever during the pandemic, they were looking for shoes that would be comfortable for arduous shifts.

Crocs had just opened a new distribution center in Ohio in 2019, and this surge of customers put them to the test. It also prompted Crocs to look for ways to better protect the health and safety of their own workers.

Courtesy of Guy Campos at AV Magazine, we know that Crocs installed a new paging system in their center to help deliver messages to all workers at once despite the conditions no doubt being loud and busy.

Crocs turned to audio supplier Chapel-Romanoff Technologies to provide them with an overhead system that could be used to communicate the latest safety guidelines, severe weather warnings, and even mandates to shelter-in-place.

Modern systems like this can be customed to be monitored via a computer or even an app on a phone.

With new health information coming in every week from the CDC, and Crocs needing a bigger team to fulfill their increase in orders, this new audio system became imperative for them to have.

It is just one of the many ways that companies like Crocs have had to adapt during the pandemic to ensure their workers remain safe. They have since gone on to look into making this audio system standard in their other centers.

And steps like this are what has allowed Crocs to continue operating during these times, and to continue making a difference. They even donated 14,000 pairs of shoes to the Dayton Area Hospital Association which would then distribute them throughout medical facilities in the Ohio area.

To learn more about how this safety technology functions and protects workers, read the article from AV Magazine here.


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