Career Corner: How to Pick What to Wear for Your Zoom or In-Person Job Interview

Manager interviews a job candidate

By Chris Isaac

Maybe you’ve finally landed your first big interview in your career, or perhaps you’ve just been doing things virtually for so long that you’ve grown rusty at discerning the right interview attire.

Regardless, appearances are the first impression people are going to have of you, so you need to make it count by looking your best.

Per Deborah Acosta of the Wall Street Journal, the first step is to plan your outfit in advance. With how anxious you’ll be about remembering everything you want to say, you don’t want to waste time the day of an interview having to decide on your outfit. Pick something out the night before so you’re prepared.

How you look also goes beyond your clothing. If you have been allowing your hair to get a bit untamed, don’t avoid that haircut any longer.

Avoid anything too bold with any makeup choices you make. If you have a beard, then keep it well-trimmed. And if your interview is after you eat make sure to check a mirror in-between to be sure your smile doesn’t show you forgot to floss.

Though some people might not like hearing it, with professional attire it’s better to play it safe than try to show off your personality. Share a bit of your unique side for after you’ve gotten the job. On interview day, stay with classics like the blue or black suit, more neutral colors, and matching your articles of clothing.

There is no need to overthink your interview day outfit. You’ll see a lot of people wear similar styles because that is what works and is often expected. There is such a thing as standing out for the wrong reason, and you don’t want to be that candidate.

Plan ahead and know the audience you are applying with.

If you still need more help figuring out your interview day attire, be sure to read the Wall Street Journal’s article here.


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