Tuesday with Michael: 8 Best Practices For Getting Results Through Others in Your Organization

Michael Gidlewski
Man with a laptop

Over the past few weeks I have been talking about the most critical objective to giving your company a competitive advantage in the new normal which is anything but normal.

Developing our leaders and managers is the most important advantage we will have in the future. Good is no longer good enough. The process by which you develop your managers and the tools you equip them with will determine your long-term success.

Very few innovative technologies last very long before another competitor knocks them off; however, developing your people will pay large dividends well into the future. Great companies remain great by developing their people and creating a goal directed, results- oriented culture.

Leadership and management are modeled behaviors. Our people believe only what they see.  How you engage with the leadership within in your organization will determine how those leaders engage with their teams and clients.

It is unlikely that your people will follow your coaching if you are not modeling the behaviors you expect from them. Words are empty if they are not supported by action.

Let’s look at the best practices for our managers to be on their A-game every day. Here is the play book for getting results through others.

1. Helping Team Members Be More Productive

Do more of the behaviors needed for even greater success and do less of the behaviors that are getting in the way of success. Make your resources more valuable. Work on improving relationships both internal to the organization (employees, co-workers) and external (clients, vendors). Create a culture of accountability.

2. Communicating Effectively

Learn toask better questions to get better answers. Learn to make communication impact match intent and learn to communicate with different styles.

3. Pay attention to Activity and Results

Identify and spend more time in your high payoff activities. Improve “bench strength” through effective delegation. Start using scorecards to get improved performance and results.

4. Clarifying Goals and Expectations

Identify your most important business goals & develop specific action plans to               achieve them/ Clarify expectations to avoid “mutual mystification”.

5. Motivating People to Produce

You will get people to perform better because they “want to”, not because they think the “have to”.Give effective feedback to reinforce the behaviors you want more ofanduse positive confronting to correct ineffective behavior

6. Training Techniques That Work

Identify and remove any barriers to performance improvement and create dynamic employee development plans.

7. Decision Making & Problem Solving

Make decisions for productivity, profitability & growth.  Develop more “problem preventers” and work on reducing people problems.

8. Creating Synergistic Teamwork

Strive to increase cooperation & collaboration within your organization. Create synergy by focusing on team members’ strengths instead of their weaknesses.

Just like playing golf or tennis, you become your best through understanding and executing the basics until it becomes so natural that you do them automatically. This leaves you more time for thinking and reacting to the variations in the process.

Start working today on developing the eight habits mentioned above – helping team members be more productive, communicating more effectively, staying in high-payoff priorities, clarifying goals and expectations, motivating & training people to produce, solving people problems, and creating synergistic teamwork. You’ll be glad you did.