After Departing from Animal Rescue He Founded, Local Man Starts Nonprofit to Fight Puppy Mills

Image of Bill Smith via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bill Smith, the founder of Chester Springs-based Main Line Animal Rescue, has not slowed down his efforts to help animals after leaving the organization last year, writes Stu Bykofsky for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Following his departure from Main Line Animal Rescue, Smith founded 1 Love 4 Animals. The nonprofit based in East Pikeland Township is dedicated to rescuing at-risk animals, as well as fighting puppy mills.

Smith’s campaign against puppy mills is well known and has been ongoing for more than a decade. It even gained the support of dog lover Oprah Winfrey and television time for Smith 10 years ago.

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Since then, Smith has often been a guest on various television shows to talk about the issue.

In just the last year, he has been a guest on The View three times as part of his campaign to close puppy mills, several of which are in Pennsylvania.

Smith’s old organization is also moving forward. Main Line Animal Rescue has announced it is about to become an affiliate organization of the Pennsylvania SPCA to help save more animals and reduce the duplication of services.

Read more about Bill Smith in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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