Local Couple Decides Their Stimulus Check Will Do the Most Good Serving Others


There are no strings attached to the $1,400 relief check that started arriving for many Americans last week.

Havertown couple Larry Passmore and Maureen O’Ryan are donating theirs to charity, reports Gray Hall for 6ABC.

“Our feeling was that this money should really go to help address the crying needs that are exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Passmore.

The couple said they didn’t really need the extra money and wanted it to be put to good use.

“People losing jobs, needing housing assistance, etcetera, etcetera. It was just a tough time for so many people that we really felt compelled to do something to help, and this was the way to do,” said O’Ryan.

They made donations to organizations that address homelessness and community food needs.

“There are a lot of people who need it, and obviously, if you need it, you absolutely should be keeping it. But if you don’t, I think it is an idea that perhaps could spread,” said O’Ryan.

Donating it to your community can stimulate the economy, experts said.

The checks go out to individuals earning under $80,000 and couples with incomes below $160,000.

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