Wilmington University Offering New Certificate Program Focusing on Artificial Intelligence

Wilmington University is preparing students for a future driven by technology, announcing their certificate program centered on artificial intelligence.

By Chris Isaac

As the conditions of the last year have made people more dependent on technology than ever, Wilmington University is embracing that future with its new certificate program on artificial intelligence. As the computer science field continues to expand, this program is designed on putting students at the forefront of the industry.

The six-course program will give students an opportunity to get firsthand experience working with AI through software like Python and Azure Notebooks. The courses will be instructed by established professionals in the field, and will equip students with the knowledge to start creating their own applications.

Dr. Victoria Haddad, the chair of the undergraduate Computer Science and graduate MS-IST programs, discussed this new offering, saying, “Artificial Intelligence will equip students with the confidence and skills they need to make decisions and revolutionize their company into a competitive, sustainable and innovative company of the future.”

All of the 18 credits earned in the program can be applied to a Computer Science degree at Wilmington, with artificial intelligence being one of the most rapidly expanding areas in that field.

The goal is that students who have completed this program will finish in possession of the skills needed to create their own predictive models for AI.

Located on Route 202, a mile south of the Delaware state line, Wilmington University has been guiding students in their education since 1968 with their more than 200 programs offered at the school.

Students interested in the artificial intelligence program can find more information about it and other WilmU Certificate programs by clicking here.

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