Career Corner: The Career Analysts Expect Healthcare to Grow, Office Jobs to Shrink Through the Next Decade


Most people have seen their typical workday shaken up courtesy of the precautions needed to stay safe during COVID.

This has prompted many people to accelerate their considerations about what they want to do with their career, as the pandemic has brought one question to the foreground: where will the steady jobs be?

As reported by Gwynn Guilford of the Wall Street Journal, it is jobs that are devoted to taking care of others that are expected to endure, and even grow, the most through the next ten years. That includes both caring for people and caring for animals.


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Even prior to the pandemic analysts have been conscious of the fact that health care is an in-demand field. Bolstering this is a study from the Labor Department which estimates that we will see a 15% increase in health care jobs over the course of the next decade.

Conversely, jobs in offices are predicted to shrink. This is likely not a surprise due to current circumstances eliminating offices for many thanks to work from home mandates. Such conditions may make employers question the value of returning to offices even once conditions are safe again.

That could also lend to another prediction about the future, which is that it will likely be workers more advanced in their careers who will be applying for a lot of the newer positions in the coming years.

The lockdowns around the world have undeniably had a large financial impact on many businesses and even entire fields. Workers who previously thought their position secure could very well be back on the job hunt alongside recent college graduates.

Speaking of college, it is also believed that workers will need to have more advanced degrees to keep up with the competition. The demands of many jobs are changing, and employees could find themselves lacking the skills needed if they have been out of school for a long time.

Service jobs in areas like the restaurant industry are going to become more prominent as well, but the pay isn’t likely to match the availability. Workers currently in such jobs may want to start now for evaluating where they can find more competitive salaries.

To read more about what fields are expected to do well in the coming years, read the Wall Street Journal’s article by clicking here.


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