Wall Street Journal: Wayne Family Illustrates Differing Perspectives on Keeping Cameras on for Remote Learning

Mark Hostutler

While many parents are pushing schools to make it mandatory to keep a camera on during remote classes, some of their children are vehemently against the idea, writes Julie Jargon for The Wall Street Journal.

For some parents, it is difficult to understand why the generation that is growing up with YouTube and TikTok has issues with being on screen. But 13-year-old Charlotte Hagerman, of Wayne, explained that there is a huge difference between pre-recorded and live video.

“When you’re posting a video, you can redo it if you don’t like it and you can use a filter,” said the high school freshman. “We shape what we look like on social media. We’re not used to being on camera like this.”

She is one of the students who have been resisting their parents’ efforts to encourage camera use, despite admitting that having the camera on is better.

“We forced the issue for a period of time, and some parents banded together and tried to get their kids to turn on their cameras, but it didn’t work,” said Lindsay Hagerman, Charlotte’s mother.

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