Cheesesteaks from Coatesville’s Little Chef Earn Praise from Philadelphia Region’s Cheesesteak Adventurer

Mark Hostutler
Image via PhillyBite Magazine.

The cheesesteaks from The Little Chef in Coatesville have earned praise from a man on an adventure to taste hundreds of cheesesteaks throughout the Philadelphia region in a year, writes Jim Pappas for PhillyBite Magazine.

The eatery is located in a lovely, stand-alone building with its own parking lot. Inside, the restaurant is divided into two halves. One half of the building offers both counter and booth service, while the other half is restaurant-style with table service.

The Little Chef features many tasty meals, including an option to BYOB (build your own burger). There’s also an amusingly named range of steak sandwiches served with a side of fries.

Among the options available, the cheesesteak with fried onions and mushrooms is among the favorites. The serving is large and, together with fries, fills out the plate. It also comes in a perfect roll that leans more toward being a bakery or dinner roll than a traditional cheesesteak roll.

Even the mushrooms are perfectly prepared, and there is a generous amount of cheese on the sandwich.

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