Despite Dropping Temperatures, Malvern Woman’s Outdoor Dance Workouts Remain a HIIT


Image of Cindy Brauer via Mojo Fitness.

Despite the dropping temperatures, a Malvern woman’s popular dance workouts continue to attract fitness enthusiasts to Wilson Farm Park in Chesterbrook, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.

Cindy Brauer, founder of Mojo Fitness, had to move workouts to the park’s amphitheater when the pandemic forced her to cancel in-person classes.

She thought she would be able to teach there until October or early November at best. But well into December, Mojo’s “HIIT Hop in the Park” workouts are not slowing down. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.

“It almost feels like I’m playing a game of limbo with our community: How cold will they go?” said Brauer. “Just when I think it’s too cold, they are still showing up and excited about it.”

Brauer also leads online classes from her home. She had started Mojo Online well before the pandemic, and they have proven to be an invaluable tool during these uncertain times. Her $10/month subscription service has attracted dance fitness fans from the Philadelphia region and far beyond.

Read more about Mojo Fitness at SAVVY Main Line here.

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