CCEDC’s 17th Annual Economic Outlook Examines Impacts of COVID-19 on Post-Election Economy


The Chester County Economic Development Council’s 17th Annual Economic Outlook – entitled “Impacts of COVID-19 on a Post-Election Economy” – attracted more than 200 local business leaders and professionals during a live, virtual presentation that aired last Friday.

James Glassman, Managing Director and Head Economist for Commercial Banking at JP Morgan Chase, and Patti Brennan, President and CEO at Key Financial, Inc., were the featured speakers.

“This year, hindsight really is 2020,” Brennan said, beginning her presentation after Glassman described the past year as a “Charles Dickens-esque best of times, worst of times.”

The CCEDC is a nonprofit that has promoted smart growth in Chester County and the surrounding region for more than 60 years. It provides proven financing solutions, cultivates workforce talent, leverages business partnerships and fosters entrepreneurial collaboration.

Together, with the support of the private and public sectors, CCEDC initiates, implements, and innovates programs that improve the business community and enhance the quality of life in Chester County. Click here for more information.

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