6 Essential Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Headshot Session


By David Bjorkgren

Having professional headshots of your staff/team is a great way to appeal to potential clients and give your company an extra bit of polish needed in the world of business.

Here are six tips to help you plan your photoshoot to get the results you’re after.

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1. Provide adequate details to your photographer to get an accurate quote. Include:

  • How will the images be used? Are they running on a website, social media, PR, etc.?
  • Do your images need to match existing images or marketing materials or are you doing a complete rebrand?
  • What’s your company culture and personality of your business? You’ll want that to come through in your images.
  • Who’s your target audience (If you’re trying to appeal to executives of Fortune 500 companies you may want to have a different set of photos than if you’re trying to reach the general public).
  • How many people will be photographed?
  • Do you need more than one headshot for each person? Sometimes it’s helpful to have one that’s more professional as well as one that’s more casual.
  • Do you have any need for team or group photos?
  • Is the final image retouching included in your quote? Not all photographers/studios include this without additional charges.
  • What’s your due date for the shoot/images?
  • There are several pro’s and con’s of shooting on location (whether indoors or outdoors), vs shooting in a studio. It’s good to discuss these to figure out what might be the best approach for you.
  • Traditional photo backdrop or an organic look?
  • Special requests or anything unique to the project?

2. The company representative in charge of the photographs should be available during the shoot to approve the work.

  • Let your team know if they’ll be picking their favorite photos or if the person in charge of the project will be deciding.

3. Determine the location.

  • If indoors, pick a room with the most space like large conference rooms. If space is tight, visit the photographer’s studio.
  • If the shoot is outdoors have multiple days available to cover bad weather.
  • Building requirements. Does the photographer need to be insured? What documentation is involved to make that happen?

4. Schedule enough time.

  • Corporate headshots average 10 to 15 minutes but can be as long as 30 minutes.

5. Your team’s wardrobe should match the company image you want and provide consistency in the headshots.

  • Solid tops are best.
  • Layered looks are great.
  • Keep accessories small and minimal.
  • Clothes should be pressed and wrinkle-free.

6. Get your team excited and enthusiastic over being photographed for better results. A photoshoot should be fun and relaxed.

  • A photoshoot should be fun and relaxed.
  • The session is a friendly give and take between the photographer and the subject.
  • Remind your subjects that they should be their best selves.

The right portrait is a vital component of today’s business toolkit. Corporate or executive headshots need to convey who an individual is in an instant, from a professional perspective.

Whether for purposes of career advancement or the marketing of your own company, you want an authentic and creative image that portrays your organization’s culture as well as each person’s unique qualities and personality.

Pictures by Todd in Bryn Mawr match their approach to each client’s specific profession and needs.  To make sure your next photoshoot goes well and conveys your company’s culture in an instant, click on the Tip Sheet (above) or call Todd Zimmerman at 610-788-2283.

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