Tuesday with Michael: Now Is the Time to Get Ready

Ken Knickerbocker

2021 is right around the corner and now is the time to get ready.

The terms uncertainty and unprecedented times are overused right now but absolutely valid. We need greater clarity with our goals and plans and we need to help our teams improve their focus on execution. I keep asking my clients, “How important is it for you to get the next 6 months right, especially in today’s environment” Today, more than ever before every company needs a strategic plan. Our partner, Results BI, offers a one-page plan that helps organizations find extreme clarity on their goals and share key performance indicators with their teams so everyone in the company knows where they stand. Is your team moving closer or farther away from their goals? Are you winning or losing?

An organization’s effectiveness at delivering results depends completely on the organization’s leadership and their ability to coach, develop, and communicate with their teams.  Businesses who are successful at executing their goals transform the organization from the top down which begins with a commitment to the development of their people.

Harvard’s John P. Kotter says that, “Leadership is about coping with change; management is about coping with complexity.”

Organizational Transformation calls for a process that begins with the leader’s personal recognition that he/she must make some changes by creating a strategic plan that the team will buy into (The prerequisite for success!) and focusing on unlocking the untapped human potential within the organization.

Here is a checklist for an effective strategic plan:

  • Build a Vision with Real Core Values, A Core Purpose and your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal – Jim Collins, Good to Great).
  • Define your Strategy by identifying your Target Market, Value Discipline, Brand Promise and your Strategic Positioning and Long Term (3-5 Year) Strategic Moves.
  • A thorough SWOT Analysis.
  • Develop a Metrics System (Key Performance Indicators) including both leading and lagging metrics.
  • Design a dashboard to track and measure your Critical Numbers and Current Strategic Projects
  • Execution on your most important Goals and Numerical Targets

Are you open to learning about this process? Perhaps you have been busy working in the business, but now is time to work on your business. If you have not done a strategic plan for next year, right now is the right time. Join the Fast Track Strategic Plan Challenge beginning Nov. 7. To find out more, click here.



Michael Gidlewski is President of West Chester-based Achievement Unlimited, Inc., as well as a growth catalyst and motivational speaker. He works with business owners and entrepreneurs to clearly define what they want their businesses and lives to look like, then helps them connect all the moving parts to consistent action and habits. Michael can be reached at 610-793-6609 or via e-mail at michael@achievable.com.


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