Local Startup Wins Competition for Service That ‘Scrubs’ Harmful Posts from Social Media

Kevin O'Leary had several compliments for Newtown Square's LifeBrand. Image via Technical.ly Philly.

LifeBrand, a startup software company based in Newtown Square, has won $10,000 and compliments from Shark Tank host Kevin O’Leary for its service of “scrubbing” harmful posts from social media, writes Paige Gross for Technical.ly Philly.

LifeBrand competed with four other startup finalists from more than 1,000 companies in a competition hosted by the investment company StartEngine.

The company uses AI and machine learning technology to find and identify harmful posts that may have been shared on social media platforms.

With the B2B and B2C service, an individual can run an audit to see how many potentially harmful posts they have shared.

“When we were first entering, just thinking about hearing (O’Leary) say our company’s name was going to be great, I thought, even if he’s bashing us,” said founder and CEO Thomas Colaiezzi. “But the fact that we then won, and that he had glowing things to say about us, that was great.”

O’Leary ultimately chose LifeBrand because Colaiezzi explained what the company does in 90 seconds and why he was the right person to execute the business plan.

Colaiezzi said he’s received inquiries for possible investment and from those interested in becoming clients.

Read more about LifeBrand at Technical.ly Philly here.

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