Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville Gets Creative Amidst Pandemic, Adds Food Pantry

Image via Steel City Coffeehouse and Brewery.

To keep the business operating during the pandemic, owners of the Steel City Coffeehouse and Brewery in Phoenixville have gotten creative and added a food pantry where customers can grab some staple items as they pick up their usual beverages and unique eats, writes Donna Rovins for the Daily Local News.

“The concept of the pantry works in Phoenixville because it’s a walkable town,” said owner Laura Vernola.

She said that another plus is that there are not a lot of walkable places where people can pick up the items available at the Steel City Pantry.

Steel City’s latest addition opened on Aug. 28. It currently offers eggs, milk, butter, bread, and non-dairy items in a space that is the size of a double-wide closet.

It also includes specialty items such as products from various food artisans from around the country.

So far, feedback on the food pantry has been “phenomenal,” said Vernola.

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