Business Leaders Bullish on Coatesville; City Attracting Investment Money out of NYC

Image of a family in Coatesville via Jen Samuel, MediaNews Group.

Business leaders and community advocates came together last week to continue the discussion on the redevelopment and revitalization of Coatesville, writes Jen Samuel for the Daily Local News.

More than 50 investors and stakeholders participated in a virtual event facilitated by Charles Swope Jr., CEO of Swope Lees Commercial Real Estate in West Chester.

“Coatesville is definitely open for business,” said Swope. “They are engaged.”

He said that the city is currently attracting New York City investment money.

“The program provided an excellent forum to spotlight development opportunities in Coatesville to a group of regional real estate and business professionals who have interest in committing and investing in the city,” said James Logan, Coatesville City Manager.

During the event, panelists highlighted investment opportunities and benefits in the city, including infrastructure that already exists or that is planned for the future, workforce development, and so-called “green tape policies” that help streamline projects. The panelists also discussed issues around youth, diversity, and the housing market.

“The bottom line is that we are all working together and integrating our efforts to build the city,” Logan said.

Read more about Coatesville in the Daily Local News here.

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