Lawmakers Looking to Secure $16 Million from USDA to Help Local Farmers Combat Spotted Lanternfly

Image via Reddit.

Two Pennsylvania lawmakers are working together to secure $16 million from the USDA to help local farmers combat the spotted lanternfly, writes Basil John for the

“It threatens our crops, it threatens our agricultural tourism industry, and so it is estimated that the impact on just Pennsylvania’s economy could be as much as $18 billion,” said U.S. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, who represents Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District.

She is being joined in the effort to protect farmers and their crops by U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, who represents the state’s 15th Congressional District.

The farmers are currently in an especially precarious position because, in addition to spotted lanternfly, they have to deal with the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Two very very destructive and very very concerning bugs in our community at the same time,” said Houlahan.

Both lawmakers emphasized that it would take more than the $16 million they are trying to secure to solve the problem.

However, this would represent a good start in helping to combat the invasive insect. The funds would get used to finance research efforts on finding ways to control and eradicate the species.

Read more about the spotted lanternfly at by clicking here.

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