Secret of Selling on QVC: Know Your Customer

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By Jennifer Leonard

If you want to see your product on QVC, it’s vital to tailor your pitch to the most important person in the retailer’s ecosystem: The customer.

You probably already know the basics—women ages 35 to 65 with higher than average income—but there is so much more to QVC’s unique formula for wowing this woman. Here is what moves her to make a purchase:

Attainable aspiration

When pitching QVC, this idea should be woven into the fiber of your brand. As noted in Fast Company, “Attainable aspiration is the core of QVC’s sales pitch.”

Show how your product offers shoppers something they wish for—be it a well-organized home or beautiful complexion—that also is affordable and easy to implement into their lives.

Take Krista Wood’s story: The mom-of-three created GloveStix, inserts for athletic equipment and sneakers to diminish bacteria growth and absorb moisture. After eight minutes on QVC, she sold 5,000 units at $30 each, according to Fortune. Her product helps moms protect their kids, keeping them smelling fresh and germ-free. Plus, it has a reasonable price and is simple to use.

A personal connection

What does QVC do better than Amazon? Create a sense of community. QVC shoppers love seeing their favorite on-air personalities, speaking directly to them, and having the chance to interact on the spot.

An easy way to create an instant connection between shoppers and your product? Have a signature catchphrase. Inventor and entrepreneur Alan Beckley, who has sold on QVC, suggests in his blog: “As you are creating your pitch, make a list of possible phrases that are memorable and interesting. For my wallets on QVC, I used, “half as thick yet holds twice as many cards.”

A good story

“There’s always a wonderful story behind a product, the sacrifices that have been made,” says vendor representative T.O. Epps, who specializes in bringing products to QVC. “It engages the consumer.”

In your pitch, be sure to share the full journey you’ve taken to turn your product into a reality, from inspiration to first purchase order. Proof it works? One Fresh Pillow co-founder Adrianne Kautz, who recently appeared on QVC, says, “Our story as a husband and wife, two people with a crazy dream, drew [QVC] to us.”

By ensuring your product pitch offers shoppers everything above, your chances of landing a QVC deal just got better. Ready to get started?


Jennifer Leonard is a writer at VISTA Today, specializing in retail and consumer marketing. A West Goshen resident, Jennifer has 20 years of experience as a full-time editor and writer for magazines including Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. Jennifer is available at


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