Bloomberg: Hiring Still Happening. Tips on How to Land a Job During Lockdown

Despite record-high unemployment numbers nationwide, hiring is still happening and it is possible to find a new job even while still in lockdown.

Despite record-high unemployment numbers nationwide employers are still hiring, it is still possible to find a new job even while in lockdown, writes Arianne Cohen for Bloomberg Businessweek.

With many people still putting off their job hunt in the hopes their old companies will call them back or instead waiting for the monthly extra $600 of unemployment to run out in July, in fact now is the ideal time to begin applying.

However to get past the automated applicant vetting systems, ensure to enter your recent jobs and list your top accomplishments for each of them.

It is also important to assess your prospects. If your industry is shrinking, look elsewhere. For example consider sectors that have stayed open during the lockdown, such as food, education, and retail.

“Many people fail to see that their skills might apply to a variety of settings,” said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst for

Now is also a good time to contact recruiters who could help you with your resume and offer suggestions on what you can do to stand out.

Finally, using all your available resources and networking is also of key importance.

Read more tips at Bloomberg Businessweek by clicking here.

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