Former Student-Athletes Use Skills Acquired at West Chester University to Fight Coronavirus

From left; Rachel Noble, Rachal Toppi, and Linzi Wolfe. Images via West Chester University.

Former West Chester University student-athletes are using the skills they acquired in college on the front lines of the coronavirus fight, writes Neil Geoghegan for the Daily Local News.

Former WCU soccer player Linzi Wolfe and former field hockey star Rachal Toppi are respiratory therapists tasked with battling the virus that attacks the lungs.

“I am in it,” said Wolfe. “Every patient I have at this point has the virus.”

Kristina Scherrer, also a former field hockey star, is a physician’s assistant. Meanwhile, former lacrosse standouts Sami Barnett and Rachel Noble are also in the midst of the battle against COVID-19 as a registered nurse and a lab assistant, respectively.

WCU field hockey coach Amy Cohen is not surprised that so many former female athletes have opted for careers in healthcare, as both require a similar set of skills, including teamwork, time management, and being able to perform under stress.

“It’s not a surprise to me to see how successful they are,” said Cohen. “They are dedicated. You could see that on the field, and you can see it now. They are out there saving lives.”

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