Tuesdays with Michael: Although Restricted, We Still Have Freedom

Ken Knickerbocker
Michael Gidlewski

By Michael Gidlewski

This COVID-19 health crisis has created local and global shutdowns and the challenge for most of us it is a totally new experience. It is very difficult to conduct business under the current circumstances and may be into the future. We have a choice to approach this crisis with a positive or negative attitude.

We can have a fixed mindset and focus on the problem and our limits or we could have a mindset focused on learning and adapting.

Carol Dweck calls this a “Growth mindset” We have the opportunity to come out the other side of this being more creative and innovative than ever before.

In almost all crazy times like this the innovation is tremendous. In fact scarcity has the ability to enhance creativity. When we have limited resources we can choose to give up or use what we have the best way we can.

Businesses today are finding new ways to serve their clients, churches are moving their services online, and schools are teaching children virtually.

There are obstacles that must be overcome in setting up these new methods of selling, serving, and teaching but there are many benefits.

For example, churches are engaging with the millennial population in a way that was not done previously.

Dance businesses are offering classes remotely and engaging more families through social media.

Organizations that are taking advantage of technology today are building relationships with their communities through social media and they are reaching people they may not have reached previously.

We can respond to today’s circumstances with hope or fear. We can view our challenges positively or negatively.

Victor Frankl who survived the holocaust in World War II said, “Everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of the human freedoms -to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Choosing our attitude gives us power in a situation where we feel powerless. We can free ourselves from a fixed mindset and negative attitude by choosing to keep growing.

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