Distillery in Elverson Creating Hand Sanitizer for First Responders, Hospitals

Image of Scott and Don Avellino via CBS Philly.

Revivalist Spirits in Elverson is doing its part during the coronavirus crisis by creating hand sanitizer for first responders, hospitals, doctors, and other medical personnel, according to a report from CBS Philly.

The owners of the distillery, brothers Scott and Don Avellino, decided to stop gin production and focus on creating hand sanitizer and sanitizer spray when they noticed there was a shortage of the now-essential material.

The distillery already had all the ingredients required, including pure alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerin, along with water. The brothers are also offering a tutorial on how to make hand sanitizer for those who have these ingredients at home.

“First, what we have is 26 ounces of pure alcohol,” said Scott. “Then we have about an ounce and a half of hydrogen peroxide. We have an ounce of glycerin, and then three ounces of water. We stir that up, and basically, we can put it in a bottle.”

The brothers have so far been contacting Chester County hospitals and other medical buildings in the area to offer them the hand sanitizer.

Read more about Revivalist Spirits at CBS Philly here.

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