Campli Photography in Malvern Celebrates 30 Years of Catching ‘What’s Under the Surface’

Image of Valerie and David Campli via SAVVY Main Line.

Campli Photography in Malvern is celebrating 30 years in business, writes Dawn Warden for SAVVY Main Line.

The company was founded by David Campli in 1990. At the time, he and his wife, Valerie, had just welcomed their daughter into the family, making children’s photography a natural launching point for the new business.

As his reputation grew, so did the breadth of his portfolio. Now, Campli masterfully shoots nearly everything, from weddings to commercial architecture to business headshots, among many other things.

For the Malvern photographer, portrait photography is personal.

“When you’ve got a baby, a headshot client, or several generations of a family on the other side of the camera, they have to feel comfortable with me – and with being themselves,” said Campli. “Otherwise, I’m going to miss what’s under the surface.”

He said that in addition to having a good eye, a photographer needs to have a good ear to tell a story through a portrait.

Read more about Campli Photography at SAVVY Main Line here.

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