Memory of Former Haverford College Lacrosse Player Kept Alive by His Brother

Image of John Geppert via The Washington Post.

John Geppert, brother of former Haverford College student Geoff Geppert, who died in a camping accident, is keeping his memory alive on the lacrosse field, writes Emily Giambalvo for The Washington Post.

John started playing sports at an early age so he could follow in the footsteps of Geoff, who was seven years older.

When his brother died, he found himself wondering who he would compare himself to and strive to be like.

During his freshman season at Maryland, John realized he needed to discover his on-field identity once again and remind himself why he plays.

To do that, he visited Haverford College for the first time since his brother’s death.

He found that the muddy hill that the players walked up to greet their parents after the game had been replaced with a memorial staircase.

“I came back with a clear mind,” John said.

This season, he will wear No. 20 , the number worn by his brother at Haverford.

Read more about the brothers in The Washington Post by clicking here.

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