Social Media Strategist from Elverson Creates Unique Remembrance of ‘This Crazy Time Period in History’

Stephanie Ruby

Stephanie Ruby, a social media strategist from Elverson, has been buying t-shirts from every Democratic presidential candidate for reasons that have nothing to do with backing the candidates, writes Andrea González-Ramírez for GEN.

The 34-year-old who worked on Tom Steyer’s campaign is using the swag to create a quilt. The idea came to her when she realized the number of presidential candidates was large enough to make a sizable blanket out of their merchandise.

“It’s such an interesting time to be a Democrat, to be a person in politics,” said Ruby. “There are so many people running that I could make a quilt!”

She first began buying t-shirts to track which presidential candidates supported impeaching President Donald Trump. Her first purchase was from Julián Castro’s campaign. Once Steyer announced his candidacy, she decided to buy all of the t-shirts.

“I said, ‘I’m already halfway there,’” she said.

Ruby also pointed out that the quilt will be a way to not forget the craziness of this year’s primary campaign.

“It’s a fun way for me to commemorate this crazy time period in history,” she said.

Read more about Stephanie Ruby at GEN here.

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