Which County Has the Lowest Obesity Rate in Pennsylvania? You Guessed It

Image of Oxford via the Chester County Planning Commission.

Chester County is bucking a nationwide trend that sees a steadily increasing number of obese adults, as it boasts the lowest obesity rate of any county in Pennsylvania, writes Samuel Stebbins for USA Today.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 90 million adults in the U.S. who are obese. These numbers vary across states, with eight mostly Southern states recording more than one in every three adults as obese.

However, in each state, there is at least one county where adults are more likely to maintain a healthier weight than the typical adult.

In Pennsylvania, that is Chester County, which has an obesity rate of just 21.8 percent, compared to the state’s obesity rate of 30.1 percent.

One of the reasons why Chester County residents maintain a healthier weight is their activity level. There are 83.9 percent of adults who are physically active in the county.

Chester County’s status as the state’s wealthiest county also helps, as one of the strongest predictors of an obesity likelihood is income. Wealthier Americans typically have better-than-average health because they can afford a wider range of healthy diet and lifestyle-related options.

Read more about obesity rates nationwide in USA Today here.

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