ONExia in Exton Utilizes Latest Technology, Helps Companies Apply Automation in Their Operations

Mark Hostutler
Image of Greg Selke via ONExia.

The roots of ONExia, an industrial distributor and custom machine integrator based in Exton, can be traced back to Peoria, Ill., where CEO Greg Selke grew up and became involved with several technologies related to manufacturing.

ONExia offers a complete line of automation products from a collection of world-class vendors. Its line is constantly evolving – much like the 66-year-old Selke – and utilizing the latest technology to fit the toughest applications.

“I never made it to college,” said Selke. “I have always enjoyed science and technology, though, and I read a lot. I had a couple of science teachers in high school who allowed me the freedom to explore topics outside our regular lessons. I learned that investigation and self-learning could be rewarding. I was able to apply that learning and build on that to this day.”

Selke founded ONExia as Multitech in West Chester in 1984, and the company has served customers like DuPont, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. With an engineering team that boasts decades of application experience, ONExia automates its customers’ processes and offers products and solutions for motion control, precision positioning, robotics, networking, inspection, and machine safety.

However, Selke first entered the industry through the sales end back home in the Midwest.

“I was fortunate to have an opportunity to cover a sales territory in Illinois for a company that sold a wide range of products to manufacturers,” said Selke. “They gave me the freedom to introduce some of the new technologies that were emerging in the ’70s.”

His familiarity with these new technologies eventually led him to a job in West Virginia, where he “worked for a company that was partly managed by a brilliant engineer who had a child-like fascination with any new technology.”

When that company dissolved, Selke’s path led him to Chester County.

For approximately 35 years now, ONExia has been pushing the envelope to make the impossible happen.

“If you exclude pharmaceuticals, no one industry is really dominate in this region,” said Selke. “There is a lot of diversity here, and that has been good for us.”

Selke’s business is always changing and presenting new challenges.

“Our latest focus is in helping companies – especially small and medium-size manufacturers – apply automation in their operations,” he said. “Much of this automation is in the areas of robotics and advanced-technology machine controllers.”

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