Univest Bank Offers Four Financial Tips for Your Next Trip

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By Univest Bank

Summer has officially arrived, and many are headed off to enjoy a relaxing vacation. There are lots of things that come to mind when you’re getting ready for a trip – the security of your financial information probably isn’t at the top of that list. Luckily, there are secure and convenient ways to conduct your banking so you can fully enjoy your time away. Below are a few tips to help maintain the integrity of your financial information and give you some peace of mind while you’re traveling.

Mobile banking: Many financial institutions have a mobile banking app that allows you to bank anytime and anywhere. This is a convenient way to view and manage your accounts. You could be sitting by the water watching the waves and with a few simple clicks you can access your account from your phone or tablet to check your balances and review transactions.

Enjoying a beach-side lunch with friends and you don’t have cash? Through the mobile banking app, you can send money to cover your portion of the tab. You can even deposit a check you didn’t have time to bring to the bank before your trip. Just take a picture of it with your phone and deposit it right into your account so you can access the funds while you are away.

Utilize a mobile wallet for purchases: This is an easy-to-use, fast, and more secure way to pay. Simply link your debit or credit cards to make mobile payments via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. The card information loaded to your mobile wallet is encrypted so your actual card number is not transmitted or stored by the merchant during a transaction. To access the cards in your mobile wallet, you will need a PIN, fingerprint or facial scan, depending on your device, to complete the transaction. Just hold your device near the terminal to pay. You can also use your mobile wallet online.

Use custom alerts to stay informed: Most financial institutions have services that allow you to create custom alerts via text, email or in-app for things such as transactions and low balance warnings. These alerts allow you to constantly stay in the know about your accounts without having to log into your account.

Notify your bank and credit card company when traveling: Inform your bank of your travel plans. Unusual activity, such as purchases outside of your normal geographic location, can trigger fraud-monitoring systems and prevent the usage of the card. Notifying your bank in advance allows them to note your account and feel confident that you are in possession of your card and it is not being used fraudulently. In addition, when using your debit card, be aware of your surroundings and always safeguard your PIN and card. If you do misplace your card while traveling, many mobile apps provide the ability for you to disable it immediately.

While there are many convenient products and services to ensure you have a relaxing vacation, tailoring these to your unique needs is what is important. At Univest Bank, we provide solutions that ensure your banking experience helps to meet your financial goals. To learn more about the financial solutions we can provide, call us at 877-723-5571 or click here.

Univest Bank and Trust Co. is Member FDIC.

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