Senior Congressional Correspondent at Washington Post Started His Journalism Career Here

Paul Kane

Paul Kane, a senior congressional correspondent at The Washington Post, began his journalism career at the Daily Local News in West Chester, according to a report from Politico.

During his time at the newspaper, Kane covered the 3 PM-to-midnight shift, which usually meant a mix of police and school board beats. While local in scope, Kane found the experience to be invaluable.

“Every national political reporter should have to spend one week a year covering a school board,” he said, “the most enlightening, impassioned local politics you’ll ever see.”

On the national and international stage, Kane believes that one trend that should be covered much more closely is the situation in Central America. This is the root cause of much of the migration crisis.

“What is compelling people from incredibly beautiful places to flee in desperation for the United States?” he said. “Everyone is arguing about what to do about our U.S.-Mexico border, but there’s so little talk, so little coverage, of what’s happening inside these nations, what’s causing the desperation and migration.”

Read more about Paul Kane at Politico here.

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