Qlik Study Reveals That People Want More Human Oversight of Artificial Intelligence


Citizens of the United Kingdom want more human oversight of artificial intelligence, according to a study done by Censuswide on behalf of Qlik, the data and analytics company based in King of Prussia, writes Angelica Mari for Computer Weekly.

The survey of 2,000 U.K.-based adults showed that familiarity of A.I. is rising. In fact, 64 percent were aware that A.I. is a machine or computer system that tries to emulate human intelligence rather than a physical robot.

Qlik also found that 86 percent believe there should be more human oversight of A.I. Meanwhile, 41 percent believe A.I. in its current form is biased, with around 38 percent blaming this on the use of inaccurate data.

However, according to 32 percent of respondents, driving more gender diversity in A.I. is the tech industry’s responsibility. But 31 percent believe that this responsibility lies with the government.

Elif Tutuk, Qlik’s senior director of research, said to improve diversity, more emphasis should be placed on the data behind A.I. and its programmers.

“If we can empower more men and women to become more data-literate – having a better understanding of how to read, analyze, and understand data – we can create a more level playing field for the growth of the U.K.’s A.I. industry,” she said.

Read more about the survey in Computer Weekly here.

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