NFL Player from Coatesville Aims to Pay His Business Knowledge Forward to Other Athletes

Derrick Morgan, second from right, joined VaynerSports with the goal to empower athletes to excel both on the field and off it.

Coatesville High School graduate Derrick Morgan, an NFL free agent who played the last nine seasons with the Tennessee Titans, has joined forces with legendary entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk at VaynerSports to champion the modern athlete, writes Brendan Doherty for Forbes.

The pair’s goal is to empower athletes to excel both on the field and off it.

Morgan began investing in his second year in the NFL, when he began using his offseasons to expand his network.

“I started by asking a lot of questions about my finances,” Morgan said. “Initially, I had this notion of trying not to ask any questions that would make me look stupid. I quickly got out of that mentality.”

He then continued to educate himself on the basics of finances and investment strategies. As his knowledge grew, he started looking at alternative investments beyond just stocks and bonds.

Today, Morgan invests most of his money in startups and runs his own venture business. The successful businessman now wants to pay his knowledge forward.

“I think I have some type of obligation to pass down knowledge and spread awareness and not keep it to myself,” he said.

Read more about Derrick Morgan in Forbes here.

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