Chester Springs Man’s Balloon to Be the Highlight of Festival, the Largest of Its Kind in North America

Barry DiLibero, right.

The signature balloon at the 37th Annual New Jersey Festival of Ballooning will be an 11-story-tall flying lighthouse built by Barry DiLibero of Chester Springs, according to a report from

“Lighthouses are a great representation of summer here in New Jersey, and (this balloon) will be a great representation for this year’s magic of ballooning,” said Howard Freeman, the festival’s executive producer.

The red, white, and blue balloon was built 13 years ago. It is 115 feet tall, 53 feet wide at the bottom, and weighs 440 pounds. It also comes with signature sea gulls near the top “light.”

“People love and adore lighthouses,” said DiLibero, who pilots the balloon. “It’s a universal sign of security, and like America, it’s always there to protect. I had always wanted one and people just feel good about them. We’re looking forward to providing that warm feeling and experience for everyone at the festival.”

The three-day event, which will be held from July 26-28, is the largest of its kind in North America.

Read more about the signature balloon at here.

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