Researchers at Kennett Square’s New Bolton Center Look to Help Dairy Farms Overcome Difficult Times

Image via Penn Vet News.

Penn Vet, with the help of researchers at its New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, is looking for innovative solutions to help dairy farms overcome the difficult times, according to a report from Hoard’s Dairyman.

Dr. Joseph Bender, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dairy Production, and his colleagues at Penn Vet’s Center for Animal Health and Productivity combine their expertise in dairy nutrition, reproduction, health economics, and conventional veterinary medicine to boost economic productivity in animal agriculture.

“We have these different cycles in the dairy industry,” said Bender. “And what’s happened is the highs are no longer high enough for dairy farmers to recover from the lows.”

Penn Vet uses a unique, integrated approach to identifying on-farm barriers to success and finding opportunities for improvement. This includes implementing specialized computer software that shifts the main focus away from the health of a single animal.

“There is always an opportunity to improve some aspect of the dairy, either animal performance, health, or environment, or, maybe most importantly, the health of the entire farm,” said Bender.

Read more about Penn Vet’s efforts in Hoard’s Dairyman here.

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