FROM DELCO: Clifton Heights Residents Rally to Defend Borough’s ‘Last Sliver of Open Space’

Image of Clifton Heights Mayor Joe Lombardo via Jose Moreno, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Clifton Heights residents have come together in an attempt to prevent the Upper Darby School District from building a new middle school on what they are calling the “borough’s last remaining sliver of open space,” writes Kathy Boccella for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Last weekend, almost 500 people staged a protest on the disputed property used for events such as Fourth of July fireworks and the annual Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser for the Boys Club.

“Clifton is most alive on that spot,” said rally organizer Dave DiPhillipo.

Borough officials also recently discovered wording in the original deed that requires the land be used for recreation and related municipal purposes.

Now, these efforts may be working. Earlier this week, the Upper Darby school board postponed a vote canceling the borough’s lease on the district-owned ball fields. This was needed to construct a new middle school on the land.

The board still insists it will vote on the issue after agreeing with community groups, such as the Boys Club and the Police Athletic League, to allow them to keep using the site.

Read more about the issue in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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