Chester Springs Resident Joins Cast of Broadway Musical


Chester Springs resident Kourtney Keitt has joined the cast of Broadway musical Anastasia for several roles, writes Kharisma McIlwaine for The Philadelphia Sun.

The musical is based on the animated movie from 1997 that tells the story of Princess Anastasia, the only Romanov who was speculated to have survived the execution of Russia’s royal family at the start of the 20th century. After being shot, Anastasia re-emerges as Anya, an orphan with amnesia. The rest of the story follows her journey to Paris to discover who she truly is.

In the stage version, Keitt plays the title character’s sister, Tatiana Romanov, Dunya, and several other cast members.

She describes the show as “kind of a melting pot between the animated version and a bit of history, mixed with interpretations from the writers.”

The actress, whose love affair with the performing arts began when she was three years old, is currently touring the country with the show. One of her latest stops was the Academy of Music in Philadelphia last week.

“Getting to do a tour and getting to perform in such iconic houses is a big deal,” she said.

Read more about Kourtney Keitt in The Philadelphia Sun here.

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