Co-Founder of West Grove-Based Dansko Now Working to Preserve Land in Mountains of Belize

Image of Peter Kjellerup via the Chester County Press.

Peter Kjellerup, the co-founder of West Grove-based Dansko, has been recognized by the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce for his service to the community and the world, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

Kjellerup started Dansko in 1990 with one of his biggest inspirations, his wife Mandy Cabot.

“She has strengths that I don’t have, and I have strengths that she doesn’t have,” he said.

The pair effectively retired from Dansko at the end of last year to spend more of their time on local nonprofits and find a place to retire while still making an impact.

“We ended up in Belize, where we now have a house,” said Kjellerup.

The couple is working to preserve a 22,000-acre parcel of land in the Maya Mountains that is mostly virgin rainforest near key nature reserves. They are also now hoping to rehabilitate a smaller piece of land, so local farmers can model a more sustainable way of making a living.

Read more about Peter Kjellerup in the Chester County Press here.

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