FROM DELCO: Manufacturer of Baseball Hats Digitizes Its Operations with Help from SAP

Image via SAP.

New Era, the manufacturer of baseball hats based in Buffalo, N.Y., is developing a new e-commerce platform with help from SAP in Newtown Square, writes Robin Meyerhoff for Forbes.

New Era, which has been around for nearly a century, saw its business explode in 1996. Back then, director Spike Lee asked the company to make a red, instead of the traditionally blue, Yankees hat.

“Our phone hasn’t stopped ringing since then,” said Lorenz Gan, New Era’s CIO. “Now, people see baseball caps as a fashion accessory.”

Since then, the company has expanded across the world and has also set its sights on the online market.

To do this, Gan, who already worked with SAP at his previous position at Burberry, selected SAP Commerce Cloud, which was deployed with support from Bucks County-based EPAM Systems.

“This is great because there’s more demand for fast innovation from our customers,” said Gan.

He is thankful that SAP will be able to keep up with New Era’s growth.

“We’re developing these consumer experiences that appreciate the differences among different regions,” Gan said. “SAP is a good match for us because they’re also global.”

Read more about the new era at New Era in Forbes by clicking here.

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