Is Your Golf Game Within Your Scope?  It’s Not Too Early!

Malvern’s Precision Pro Golf is bringing innovation into golf GPS by providing golfers with high-quality products that help them play smarter. (Image via

By Denise Romanelli

It might be freezing cold in Chester County this morning, but “It’s golf time somewhere!”

If you’re heading to warmer climates or just want to get a jump on your game, get the right tools so you’re ready on opening day!  It’s tough enough navigating the golf course, you shouldn’t lose any shots from guessing yardage.

If you’re serious about advancing your game it’s time to invest in a rangefinder that fits your play.  There are so many models on the market, do you know what to look for when making a selection?
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No matter what your handicap is, you will want to find a laser rangefinder that provides clear course metrics for distance and slope.

Like any product, the more features, the higher the price.  The question is which rangefinder is right for you?  Most brands, like Precision Golf Pro, and TecTecTec offer different levels of features and prices to meet the varying needs of today’s golfer.

Keep in mind added benefits of improved technology increases the accuracy of the device you choose.

The components that influence the cost of a rangefinder are: the target range distance, adaptive slope technology, target lock/pulse vibration, and the magnification level which enables clarity for short and long distances.

Some brands offer warranty packages, extra batteries, or waterproof designs.

Rangefinders in the price category averaging $250 such as Tec Tec Tec ULT-X  and Calloway 300 offer greater target ranges from 500-1,000 yards, slope technology, the target lock vibration, and higher magnification levels of 6X or more.

Garmin Approach S20 Watch

The rangefinders in the lower price category of $129-$160 such as Bozily, have lower target distances and magnification, and no target lock or slope technology.  So you choose the rangefinder with the features and price that are right for you.

If you’re into a more customized assessment of your game, the Garmin Approach S20 Watch provides measurements of each shot and records your performance statistics for later analysis.  It also includes a timing feature, a step and calorie counter, distance record of fairway shots, and the number of putts per round.

Other rangefinders with minimal options include a Bushnell GPS, and the Posma GF 100 Scope that provide basic yardage and are both compact and less expensive.

Don’t think yardage is all you’re looking for in a rangefinder.  As your game improves the more you will rely on better technology to guide your strategy, so choose a rangefinder that will grow with you.

Rangefinders are as unique as each player.  You get fitted for your clubs; show the same attention to other tools in your bag.  Take control of the elements within your grasp, and take the guessing out of the game.

See you on the 19th hole!  Cheers!


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