Tori’s Time: Life Coaching is a Key to Increased Employee Retention and Productivity


By Tori Goodrich

As a master life coach, I have been requesting that companies explore new options in the ever-challenging and changing world of work benefits by considering providing a life coach for their staff.

So how can having one help your employees – as well as your business?

While at first glance the benefits may seem solely for employees, studies show that employees who take advantage of company coaching programs not only see improvements in their personal lives but in their professional ones, as well.

Company coaching programs have been shown to increase employee retention and engagement, boost productivity, and overcome performance issues.

Employees find opportunities to strengthen their skill sets, gain confidence, assume more responsibility in the workplace as well as improve work-life balance.

Augusta Scott, CPCC and in-house life coach at Zappos writes “This is something for the team members to benefit from by pursuing their goals and dreams, and it is because we believe when people are able to do that, it will unlock amazing potential, drive, happiness, and discovery. This will impact them in a positive way both professionally as well as personally because we know that those two areas in your life will intersect at some point.”

Because there is so much crossover between personal lives and professional ones, it’s no surprise that both coaching participants and their employers also see added benefits such as better teamwork, increased job satisfaction, improved communication skills, and improved relationships.

My belief in offering this option of an in-house life coach enables organizations to send a powerful message to their employees that their individual progress is valued and encouraged.


Tori Goodrich is a life, business and professional coach. She is also the co-owner of Gener8tional Connections helping companies work through the great divide. Contact Tori by telephone at 610.613.2127, on the web at, or via email at


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