Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey Mulls 2020 Presidential Bid

Image of Bob Casey via Wikipedia.

Bob Casey, the senior U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, is considering a run for president in 2020, writes Holly Otterbein for Politico.

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The recently re-elected Democrat, who beat his opponent by nearly 700,000 votes, is partly guided by his regrets from the presidential campaign in 2016. He thinks that he should have pushed Hillary Clinton to not just focus on Pennsylvania’s two major cities, but also to campaign in economically struggling areas.

Now, he believes Democrats have to compete in rural areas of Pennsylvania to win back the state in 2020.

“When a Democrat goes to a rural county, it’s not just showing up, but showing them you give a damn about their lives,” Casey said.

He believes Democrats should not have to choose between winning back the white working-class voters, who backed Trump after previously voting for Obama, and increasing turnout among people of color and other traditionally Democratic constituencies.

“I believe we’re a great party, and we can do both,” he said.

Casey also has the support of state attorney general Josh Shapiro, who is encouraging him to run.

“Bob is a unique politician in that he can compete everywhere from Fishtown to Johnstown,” said Shapiro.

Read more about Bob Casey from Politico here.

Read Casey’s Chester County Leadership profile here.

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